[Haskell-cafe] Looking for feedback on my Haskell game programming paper

Alexander Berntsen alexander at plaimi.net
Mon Nov 11 23:42:54 UTC 2013

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Someone suggested I posted this here:

"This" being an informal introduction to game programming in Haskell,
aimed at game programmers used to C or C-likes.

I and a fellow student originally wrote it for a class, but someone
(someone else than the first someone) found the URL and posted it on
Reddit[0], and various other people have read it as well -- so we
already have some feedback to go on. But we welcome more feedback.

It has yet to be shared outside of the Haskell community, as I would
like to polish it first, and reach a 1.0 version. (Hopefully this week!)

The game presented in the paper is far from finished. We aim towards a
full-blown but small game. It should have multi-player, AI,
networking, somewhat complicated physics, control handling, menus, a
graphics system, and so on and so forth. Basically it should cover
"everything", but still be small enough to serve as an example.

Contributions to the game itself would be also be greatly appreciated.
Its source is available on GitHub[1].

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