[Haskell-cafe] simple parsec question

Immanuel Normann immanuel.normann at googlemail.com
Sun Mar 3 16:44:17 CET 2013


I am trying to parse a semi structured text with parsec that basically
should identify sections. Each section starts with a headline and has an
unstructured content - that's all. For instance, consider the following
example text (inside the dashed lines):


top 1:

some text ... bla

top 2:

more text ... bla bla


This should be parsed into a structure like this:

[Section (Top 1) (Content "some text ... bla"), Section (Top 1) (Content
"more text ... bla")]

Say, I have a parser "headline", but the content after a headline could be
anything that is different from what "headline" parses.
How could the "section" parser making use of "headline" look like?
My idea would be to use the "manyTill" combinator, but I don"t find an easy

Many thanks for any hint

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