[Haskell-cafe] tangential request...

Conrad Parker conrad at metadecks.org
Tue Jun 25 03:14:35 CEST 2013

On 24 June 2013 23:02, Mark Lentczner <mark.lentczner at gmail.com> wrote:
> Again, I'd say the sample doesn't bear that out. The samples with console
> fonts showed no signs of customization, and so one might infer that it is
> more likely that people are using them because they just came that way
> (and/or changing it is too difficult for the perceived benefit.)

Haha, you've succumbed to my adroit minimalism again, Mr. Lentczner. I
have taken much pride in customizing my "console" font for
readability, codeability and /pizzazz/. Next time you ask for a
screenshot I shall rather send you a copy of my .Xdefaults file,


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