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aditya bhargava bluemangroupie at gmail.com
Sat Jun 15 15:45:06 CEST 2013

As a side note, I have stopped having cabal issues since I started using
hsenv. It sandboxes packages for you. So if you have install problems you
just need to delete a local .hsenv directory instead of reinstalling
On Jun 12, 2013 11:15 PM, "Richard A. O'Keefe" <ok at cs.otago.ac.nz> wrote:

> My original problem was that I wanted to load a particular set of
> packages using 'cabal install'.  It didn't work (cabal install issues)
> and while the maintainer reacted promptly and helpfully, cabal
> kept on trying to install the wrong version.
> Part of the problem was that blasting away ~/.cabal and ~/Library/Haskell
> wasn't enough:  it's necessary to blast away ~/.ghc as well (which I had
> forgotten existed and of course never saw).
> * It would be handy if 'uninstall-hs' had an option, say
> * uninstall-hs --user
> * so that a user could in one step make it as if they had never
> * used the Haskell Platform.
> (Sigh.  Changes to the GHC command line interface since 7.0 have
> broken one of the packages I used to have installed, and the
> maintainer's e-mail address doesn't work any more.  And sometimes
> it seems as if every time I install anything with cabal something
> else breaks.)
> PS. Earlier today cabal gave me some confusing messages which
> turned out to mean 'GSL isn't installed'.  Non-Haskell dependencies
> could be explained a little more clearly.
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