[Haskell-cafe] ANN: Nomyx 0.2 beta, the game where you can change the rules

Corentin Dupont corentin.dupont at gmail.com
Fri Jun 14 17:57:57 CEST 2013

Hello everybody!
Here it comes, the second beta release [1] of Nomyx, the only game where
You can change the rules!!
This is an implementation of a Nomic [2] game in Haskell (I believe the
first complete implementation of a Nomic game on a computer). In a
Nomyxgame you can change the rules of the game itself while playing
it. The
players can submit new rules or modify existing ones, thus completely
changing the behaviour of the game through time. The rules are managed and
interpreted by the computer. They must be written in the Nomyx language,
which is a subset of Haskell.

At the beginning, the initial rules are describing:
- how to add new rules and change existing ones. For example a unanimity
vote is necessary to have a new rule accepted.
- how to win the game. For example you win the game if you have 5 rules
But of course even that can be changed!

Here is a video introduction and first tutorial of the game:
The game is running here: www.nomyx.net:8000/Nomyx
I have set up a forum where players can learn about Nomyx and discuss the
rules they intend to propose: www.nomyx.net/forum
The example file gives a lot of examples of rules that you can submit:

Changes from V0.1:
- new login system: you can now login with your Google, Yahoo, Live
Journal, Myspace, OpenId or Facebook accounts (thanks to
- new DSL for voting (see below)
- styling: rule code colorized, better settings and help
- use cookies to store the user ID (as suggested on this mailing list)
- new error system to handle exceptions in rules (with ErrorT)
- use lenses

I set up a little DSL to create elections (elect one of the players for a
special role) or referendums (a yes/no question).
You create in one line within Nomyx an vote with unanimity or majority, a
quorum and different ballot systems. See here:

Let's test it! If you are interested, please go to this forum thread and
we'll set up a small team to start a match!
The demo game is running here: www.nomyx.net:8000/Nomyx then select game
As the first player of the game, I changed the initial unanimity vote to a
simple majority, with a minimum of 2 players voting. Having your new rules
accepted will be easy!
Let's see who will win :)


[1] http://hackage.haskell.org/package/Nomyx
[2] www.nomic.net
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