[Haskell-cafe] Examples of MVars usage

Francisco M. Soares Nt. xfrancisco.soares at gmail.com
Wed Jun 12 21:29:50 CEST 2013

Hello, everyone.

I am looking for packages on hackage which use MVars extensively. Those
which create plenty of MVars -- not just one or two for conditional
synchronization or to keep track of a value throughout the program. My
purpose is to analyze usage patterns of MVars. Does anybody have any

So far I have analyzed a few packages:

* conjure (0.1)
* distributed-process (0.4.2)
* distributed-process-p2p (
* leksah (
* manatee-core (0.1.1)
* urlcheck (0.1.1)

Nonetheless, I feel like I still haven't covered a good enough range of
usage, since some examples are small, and some use MVars just for a small
number of cases, while the heavy lifting is done with STM. And surely
because there are only 6 of them.

Any suggestion will be very much appreciated.

Francisco Soares Nt.
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