[Haskell-cafe] Only vaporware needs promises

Ertugrul Söylemez es at ertes.de
Mon Jun 10 15:21:28 CEST 2013

Tom Ellis <tom-lists-haskell-cafe-2013 at jaguarpaw.co.uk> wrote:

> Hear hear!  Hopefully we, the Haskell community, will be able to
> support this endevour with our time and efforts.

Every Haskell user does this in their own way by use, feedback, uploads
to Hackage, authoring wiki articles or blog articles or simply by
helping people.  The Haskell community has a huge momentum right now and
the language is developed by smart people.

What does /not/ help is a thread like this.  If you want to support the
development of Haskell, don't unsafeCoerce people into making useless
promises.  Instead grab your web browser, text editor or whiteboard and
do your part!


Not to be or to be and (not to be or to be and (not to be or to be and
(not to be or to be and ... that is the list monad.
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