[Haskell-cafe] scrz - container management tool written (partly) in haskell

Tomas Carnecky tomas.carnecky at gmail.com
Sat Jul 27 11:42:23 CEST 2013

Scrz (http://scrz.io) is a container (LXC) management tool. It is heavily
inspired by docker and heroku, but also provides features which those two
don't have. It comes in two parts, one is the supervisor which manages the
containers, the other is a server which stores the configuration. The
supervisor fetches its configuration from the server. Only the supervisor is
written in Haskell, the configuration server is written in Ruby on Rails.

I use scrz on my personal server, and it's also used to automate deployments
of http://encounter.io (another side project that I have).

I just recently updated the homepage and redesigned the configuration server
UI (screenshot link at the bottom). It's more difficult to set up than docker,
and not that well integrated into the system. This is partly due to lack of
good low-level sysadmin libraries for Haskell (eg. to list/create/inspect
network interfaces) and partly due to dependencies on new versions of software
that are not even available in the latest stable ubuntu (lxc-tools version

The project is maintained on github: https://github.com/scrz.


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