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Natalia Muska natalia at fpcomplete.com
Thu Jul 25 23:31:28 CEST 2013

FP Complete Offering Free Academic Accounts to FP Haskell Center

San Diego, C.A.  (July 25, 2013) FP Complete, the leading developer of
commercial Haskell software tools and services, announced today that
professors and students will be offered free accounts to FP Haskell Center,
the world’s first commercial Haskell IDE and deployment platform.

FP Haskell Center is an integrated development and deployment environment
written in Haskell, the most popular and purest functional programming
language. It consists of two components, the FP Development Environment and
the FP Application Server. The FP Development Environment includes a
Haskell compiler and a continually updated set of vetted, tested and
supported libraries and code templates. There is no need to run Cabal or
other installers. The FP Application Server is used to deploy and run
Haskell applications directly in the cloud. With many tutorials and sample
code included in the product, FP Haskell Center provides both teachers and
students with an accessible cloud-based platform to teach/learn, perform
Haskell research, and develop real-world solutions.

“Haskell was created at some leading universities in the world over 20
years ago and its advancement since then has been significantly driven by
the global academic community,” said Aaron Contorer, FP Complete founder
and CEO. “As Haskell becomes more mainstream, we want to provide the
institutions championing Haskell the most the opportunity to keep it
growing at no cost to them” he adds. “Great things are constantly coming
out of the university setting and we want to support their research and
projects as much as we can.”

Eligible teachers and students can get a free account through a simple web
sign-up form in mid-August, right before FP Haskell Center becomes
generally available in early September.  They can get started now by signing
up <https://learning-site-staging.fpcomplete.com/business/designer-ide> for
a Beta. Check for updates/details at www.fpcomplete.com.
About FP Complete
FP Complete is dedicated to bringing the Haskell programming language into
the mainstream software market by being the leading developer of commercial
Haskell software tools and services. Haskell is the new way to make
software that accelerates time to market, boosts programmer productivity,
lowers cost, and increases product quality. Haskell enables rapid
development of high-performing, complex software with high quality,
maintainability and scalability.  Haskell has proven to be able to
significantly cut the billions wasted in the compile- test-debugging-rework
cycles where 50% of the software project costs are today.  In short, Haskell
delivers the competitive advantage and productivity that enterprises need
in a global software-driven economy. Visit www.fpcomplete.com for more

Natalia Muska
Marketing Manager
FP Complete, Inc.
Natalia at fpcomplete.com
skype: natalia.s.muska
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