[Haskell-cafe] News about the GSoC Project : Communicating with mobile devices

Marcos Pividori marcospividori at gmail.com
Mon Jul 22 05:38:16 CEST 2013

Hi, I am working this summer on the project "Communicating with mobile
devices" for the GSoC. After working with GCM, I developed an API for
communicating through APNS with iOS mobile devices
For this, I designed a way of building the messages, sending them and
handling the result. To use this service, Apple requires you to be an
enrolled iOS Developer or something similar, so I decided to test the API
with a local server. It simulates the APNS servers and different common
Now, that I have a tested version, I am looking for some iOS developers to
test in with real apps. So, I wait for feedback!
Also, I have a blog to show the progress. I have posted about a simple
usage of the API for GCM, I developed a test example of a Yesod server,
where devices can register to receive GCM messages and users can send
messages through the web service.
For more information: [3]<http://gsoc2013cwithmobiledevices.blogspot.com.ar/>

The code is available on GitHub:
 - The APNS Api :
 - Test example for APNS:

[3] http://gsoc2013cwithmobiledevices.blogspot.com.ar/
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