[Haskell-cafe] Linux users needed for OpenGL extensions survey

Brian Lewis brian at lorf.org
Sun Jul 7 20:54:04 CEST 2013

Hi, I'm doing a survey to find out how well various OpenGL extensions
are supported, to know where to focus efforts on Haskell game software.

If you run Linux on your desktop and want to help, here's how:

1.) Save the information like this:
    $ glxinfo > SOMENAME.glxinfo
    ... where SOMENAME is your name, or nickname, or the computer's
    name, whatever you like.
    If you don't have glxinfo, you might need to install mesa-utils on
    Ubuntu, or mesa-demos on Arch.

2.) Ensure the file contains information about OpenGL extensions
    supported by your graphics card.

3.) Attach it to me *off list*.

If you have questions, please ask me *off list*.

If there's interest, I'll make the survey results available.


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