[Haskell-cafe] ANNOUNCE: Ajhc Haskell Compiler Release

Kiwamu Okabe kiwamu at debian.or.jp
Sat Jul 6 06:01:56 CEST 2013

We are happy to announce Ajhc
You can program interrupt handler with Haskell language on this release.
But not yet collect (big) patch sets, the changes will be merged to jhc.

You can get Ajhc using "cabal install ajhc" command.
The usage is found at Ajhc's project web site http://ajhc.metasepi.org/.
The source code at https://github.com/ajhc/ajhc/tags.

Welcome sending any bugs or your ideas to https://github.com/ajhc/ajhc/issues.

## An example of interrupt handler written with Haskell


The demo for Cortex-M4 has main context and intrrupt context.
The main context waits time expire with polling counter.

The interrupt context is called from clock exception, and decrement counter.

## Other changes

* Guard StablePtr critical section.
* Add _JHC_JGC_SAVING_MALLOC_HEAP option for getting smaller malloc heap.
* Link forkIO to forkOS.

Enjoy! :)
- - -
Metasepi team

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