[Haskell-cafe] ANNOUNCE: hslogstash (library for working with Logstash and related tools)

Simon Marechal simon at banquise.net
Fri Jan 25 17:48:33 CET 2013

This is a library for sysadmins and/or tool writers. It provides proper
types and correct serialization for Logstash messages, along with small
utilities for working with ElasticSearch or Redis (using hedis). This
library focus will be on safety (no messages lost).

Right now, it can be used to:
* send properly formated messages to Logstash
* read Logstash messages from Redis or any socket
* write Logstash messages to ElasticSearch or any socket

This is the work of a sysadmin, thus very likely to be horrible to read.
Suggestions are very welcome.

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