[Haskell-cafe] cabal install choosing an older version

Ozgur Akgun ozgurakgun at gmail.com
Fri Jan 25 15:46:45 CET 2013


I think I know why this happens.

The latest versions of ansi-terminal and hspec do not work together. Cabal
picks the latest ansi-terminal (0.6) first, then the latest hspec that
doesn't conflict with this choice is 0.3.0.

I can confirm this by the following:

$ cabal install hspec ansi-terminal --dry-run -v
Reading available packages...
Choosing modular solver.
Resolving dependencies...
In order, the following would be installed:
HUnit- (new package)
ansi-terminal- (new package)
hspec-expectations- (new package)
random- (new package)
QuickCheck- (new package)
setenv-0.1.0 (new package)
silently- (new package)
transformers- (new package)
hspec-1.4.3 (new package)

When hspec comes before ansi-terminal, the latest version for hspec is
selected and an older version of ansi-terminal is used.

Maybe cabal-install should backtrack more and pick a *more optimal *set of
latest versions, I don't know. If this is desired, a proximity of the
selected versions to the latest available versions might be a good measure.

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