[Haskell-cafe] hxt pickling question

briand at aracnet.com briand at aracnet.com
Thu Jan 24 16:40:19 CET 2013


Trying to understand how to write a document using a pickler but I can't make sense of the types.  

From the example:

     runX ( xunpickleDocument xpSeason
                               [ withValidate no
                               , withTrace 1
                               , withRemoveWS yes
                               , withPreserveComment no
                               ] "simple2.xml"
	     xpickleDocument   xpSeason
                               [ withIndent yes
                               ] "new-simple2.xml"

So all I want to do is pickle a value directly instead of reading the value from a document.  I expected to do something like:

runX (someHXTPicklingFunction myValue
      xpickleDocument ...)

but I can't seem to figure out what someHXTPicklingFunction should be, it's certainly nothing obvious like pickleDoc, because that generates the wrong value.

Seems like I probably have a much more fundamental problem in that I really don't understand how the arrow part of this little example really works, but I was kind of hoping that doing something "simple" like this might shed some light on that.  And then was immediately stuck in type hell.



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