[Haskell-cafe] resources for learning Hindley-Milner type inference for undergraduate students

Anton Dergunov anton.dergunov at mail.ru
Fri Jan 18 11:29:57 CET 2013

 I also agree that Cardelli paper is great.

It was also very useful for me to follow Python implementation provided in the following blog post:

I found it useful to investigate in Python debugger how various terms were interpreted.

You may also find useful implementations in Scala and Perl:

Also, I have plans to read "Typing Haskell in Haskell" by Mark Jones and "Practical type inference for arbitrary-rank types" by Simon Peyton-Jones et. al. They are also related here, but not directly.

Best Regards,
Anton Dergunov

Пятница, 18 января 2013, 11:12 +01:00 от Vo Minh Thu <noteed at gmail.com>:
>2013/1/18 Petr P < petr.mvd at gmail.com >:
>>   Dear Haskellers,
>> could somebody recommend me study materials for learning Hindley-Milner type
>> inference algorithm I could recommend to undergraduate students? The
>> original paper is harder to understand, I'm looking for something more
>> didactic. The students are familiar with the lambda calculus, natural
>> deduction and System F.
>I think I really liked
>    Cardelli's paper Basic Polymorphic Typechecking, 1987
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