[Haskell-cafe] ANN: Hakyll 4

Jasper Van der Jeugt m at jaspervdj.be
Wed Jan 16 13:26:26 CET 2013

After a few weeks of beta status [1], I've now released version 4.0 of
the Hakyll static site generator library. I'm really glad with this
release, as from what I've found and heard, it makes many things a lot

# Main changes

- The important `Compiler` type has been changed from `Arrow` to
  `Monad`: this makes it much easier to write custom compilers, as
  most Haskellers are more familiar with monads.

- The template stays superficially the same, but it has grown much
  more powerful and flexible underneath.

- Early and fast access to metadata makes things such as tags and
  pagination much easier.

- All items (images, css...) can now have metadata associated.
  Metadata can no longer be manipulated, and this immutability should
  reduce the number of encountered bugs.

- A `check` command has been added. This allows you to check that all
  internal (or external) links are still alive.

# Installation, migration

In order to install Hakyll 4, grab it from Hackage:

    cabal update
    cabal install hakyll

Here are some useful links:

- Website: <http://jaspervdj.be/hakyll/>
- Tutorial index: <http://jaspervdj.be/hakyll/tutorials.html>
- Migration guide:

All feedback is welcome as always.

[1]: https://groups.google.com/d/topic/hakyll/eRKWz8bVB0w/discussion


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