[Haskell-cafe] Object Oriented programming for Functional Programmers

Emanuel Koczwara poczta at emanuelkoczwara.pl
Wed Jan 2 15:12:30 CET 2013


  First, I see (posts on this mailing list) that OO ideas are well known
in functional community :)

> So my questions for you all are:
> * Is it really worthwhile for me to learn OO-programming?

  Learn or not to learn? I would say: yes! There is whole new universe
to discover: UML, design patterns, classes and objects, data structures
based on 'pointers' (and you can modify them, surprise!) and of course
many algorithms that work on this structures (please note, that many
books about algorithms and data structures take imperative approach), OO
databases, many many many libraries for almost any thing! and finally,
you will be able to try stable, well known and widely used tools (think
about GUIs, game engines, embedded systems, mobile devices and all this
fascinating stuff you can do with them).

> * If so, where should I start? There are plenty of "functional
> programming for OO programmers" but I have never seen "OO programming
> for functional programmers".

  Get a book (big and heavy!), forget all about programming and read it
with fresh mind. Do _all_ exercises from that book.

> * Is it true that learning other programming languages leads to a
> better use of your favorite programming language?

  I would say, any know knowledge has impact on your life. Programming
skills also.

> * Will I learn new programming strategies that I can use back in the
> Haskell world?

  Here I can't say much, I'm just starting with Haskell, but if you
would go with C++, then you will also learn some C by the way, FFI is

> Thanks in advance for your kind responses,

  I hope it was helpful.


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