[Haskell-cafe] Segmentation fault/access violation when CPLUS_INCLUDE_PATH not set correctly

Henk-Jan van Tuyl hjgtuyl at chello.nl
Sat Dec 28 13:30:28 UTC 2013


When I compile an application against an experimental version of  
wxHaskell*, the application always ends with the message:
   Segmentation fault/access violation in generated code
, unless I set the environment variable CPLUS_INCLUDE_PATH to
   C:\Program Files\Haskell  
, which is the same value as used when compiling wxHaskell.

If I copy the contents of C:\Programs\Haskell Platform\2013.2.0.0\ to some  
other location and let CPLUS_INCLUDE_PATH point to the new location of  
directory c++, the segmentation fault message reappears.

Why is this and how can create an application that also works on another  

Henk-Jan van Tuyl

* wxHaskell is a binding to the wxWidgets GUI library, which is written in  

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