[Haskell-cafe] How to determine the right path to haddock html documentation?

Carlo Hamalainen carlo at carlo-hamalainen.net
Sat Dec 14 13:52:04 UTC 2013

On 13/12/13 23:28, Roman Cheplyaka wrote:
> String is defined in GHC.Base, but GHC.Base is an internal (not exposed)
> module of the base package; that's why there's no documentation for it.


> Instead of asking where the thing is defined, you should be asking where
> it's exported from. In this case, String is re-exported from Prelude.

To do this will I have to dig into the GHC API?

Perhaps I could extract the imports from a file, then use
parseImportDecl to parse them, and then do interactive imports, using

    IIDecl (ImportDecl RdrName)  
    Bring the exports of a particular module (filtered by an import
decl) into scope

until the name appears in scope, checking with getNamesInScope?

I haven't used the GHC API before so I may be barking up the wrong tree.


Carlo Hamalainen

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