[Haskell-cafe] ANN: hledger 0.22

Simon Michael simon at joyful.com
Sat Dec 14 03:47:44 UTC 2013

Hi all. I have released hledger and hledger-web 0.22. 

hledger is a command-line tool and haskell library for tracking
financial transactions, which are stored in a human-readable plain
text format. In addition to reporting, it can also help you record new
transactions, or convert CSV data from your bank. Add-on packages
include hledger-web (providing a web interface), hledger-irr and hledger-interest.
hledger is inspired by and compatible with John Wiegley's Ledger. For
more, see http://hledger.org .

Install it:

cabal update; cabal install hledger [hledger-web]

For more installation help, see http://hledger.org/MANUAL.html#installing .
Or, sponsor a ready-to-run binary for your platform: 
http://hledger.org/DOWNLOAD.html .

Release notes (http://hledger.org/NEWS.html#hledger-0.22):


- balance: with a reporting interval (monthly, yearly etc.), the
  [balance command](MANUAL.html#balance) will now show a
  multi-column report, showing either the per-period changes 
  in balance (by default), the period ending balances starting from 
  zero (`--cumulative`), or the actual period ending balances (`--historical`).
  A more detailed specification of the balance command's behaviour
  has been added to Hledger.Cli.Balance.

- csv: rules files can now include other rules files, useful for factoring out
  common rules

- queries: `sym:REGEXP` matches commodity symbols

- register: `--average/-A` shows a running average, like ledger

- in period expressions, `-` (hyphen) can be used as a more compact
  synonym for `from` and `to`.  Eg: `-p 2012/12/1-2013/2/1` or `date:aug-`.

- the add-on script examples in extra/ have been updated; get the
  hledger source and add .../hledger/extra/ to your PATH to make them
  available.  They include:

        hledger-accountnames.hs - print account names
        hledger-balance-csv.hs  - print a balance report as CSV
        hledger-equity.hs       - print an entry matching all account balances
        hledger-print-unique.hs - print only journal entries unique descriptions
        hledger-register-csv.hs - print a register report as CSV


- balancesheet: now shows just assets and liabilities, not equity

- print: comment positions (same line or next line) are now preserved

- queries: `amt` now uses the = operator by default, eg `amt:50` is
  equivalent to `amt:=50`

- command line processing has been overhauled and made more
  consistent, and now has tests and debug output.  More flags now work
  both before and after COMMAND: `-f`, `--rule-file`, `--alias`,
  `--help`, `--debug`, `--version`.  Command line help, command
  aliases, API docs and code have been improved.

- `--debug` now takes an optional numeric argument to set the debug level
  higher than 1, for more verbose debug output in a few cases.


- csv: CSV data containing non-ascii characters is now supported

- build with latest versions of dependencies (text, warp, http-conduit etc.)

**Release contributors:**

Marko Kocić, Max Bolingbroke, and a big welcome to first-time committer John Wiegley! :)

There's a rumour that a 1.0 release could be next, depending on how this one fares. All feedback welcome.

- Simon

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