[Haskell-cafe] possible CS major seeking advice

Dennis Raddle dennis.raddle at gmail.com
Sun Dec 1 22:06:14 UTC 2013

But I'm not "better than them." My job didn't involve any CS, and my prior
coursework represents only through about the junior year. I want the whole
experience of a Ph.D., especially getting mentored. An earned Ph.D. also
seems to give me the best job options. That's my thought, anyway.


On Sun, Dec 1, 2013 at 2:00 PM, MJG <mjgajda at gmail.com> wrote:

> Dear Dennis,
> What about old-fashioned attempt to pass PhD exams that some schools ?
> Or take online courses for the last year in the domain that you plan to
> complete your PhD in, just to prove that you're as good, or better than
> their students?
> I believe you're not the only one that tries to complete PhD later than
> most students. (I think late mr. Jobs had a similar idea to stress out
> after being kicked out of his own company.)
> --
>   Best regards
>     Michal
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