[Haskell-cafe] options for the RTS in a dll

Kees Bleijenberg k.bleijenberg at lijbrandt.nl
Sun Dec 1 10:10:52 UTC 2013

I've written a windows dll in Haskell. The calling program is written in
Delphi (pascal). I want to profile this dll.

Because you don't have a command line in a dll for +RTS. -RTS, I call the
dll with  hs_init_ghc (a exported function in the dll). I had to translate
some parts of rtsopts.h to Delphi. 

Everyting seems okay. The program does not hang, no catastrophic failures.
When I start with the parameter for rtsoptions in hs_init_ghc I get:

with  -t --machine-readable ->machine readable overview on the screen.

with -B sounds the bell with each garbage collection, 

and also  --info works as expected.


But when I call hs_init_ghc with rtsoptions  -h I get 3 lines with on each
line:  Can't open profiling report file <unknown>.hp.  

With -p I get missing profiling report <unknown>.prof

Any idea what I'am doing wrong?





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