[Haskell-cafe] monoids induced by Applicative/Alternative/Monad/MonadPlus?

Petr Pudlák petr.mvd at gmail.com
Tue Aug 20 18:55:19 CEST 2013

Dear Haskellers,

are these monoids defined somewhere?

import Control.Applicativeimport Data.Monoid
newtype AppMonoid m a = AppMonoid (m a)instance (Monoid a, Applicative
m) => Monoid (AppMonoid m a) where
    mempty = AppMonoid $ pure mempty
    mappend (AppMonoid x) (AppMonoid y) = AppMonoid $ mappend <$> x
<*> y-- With the () monoid for `a` this becames the monoid of effects.
newtype AltMonoid m a = AltMonoid (m a)instance Alternative m =>
Monoid (AltMonoid m a) where
    mempty = AltMonoid empty
    mappend (AltMonoid x) (AltMonoid y) = AltMonoid $ x <|> y

(and similarly for Monad/MonadPlus, until they become subclasses of

Best regards,
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