[Haskell-cafe] Call for Participation: Workshop on Functional Art, Music, Modeling and Design

Brent Yorgey byorgey at seas.upenn.edu
Thu Aug 8 17:53:02 CEST 2013

		  FARM 2013: Call for Participation

  ACM SIGPLAN Workshop on Functional Art, Music, Modeling and Design
                      Boston, Massachusetts, USA
              28th September, 2013 (directly after ICFP)


The functional programming community is largely interested in writing
beautiful programs. This workshop is intended to gather researchers and
practitioners interested in writing beautiful programs that generate
beautiful artifacts. Such artifacts may include visual art, music, 3D
sculptures, animations, GUIs, video games, physical models,
architectural models, choreographies for dance, poetry, and even
physical objects such as VLSI layouts, GPU configurations, or mechanical
engineering designs.

The goal of FARM is to gather together researchers, practitioners, and
educators in this interdisciplinary field, as well as anyone else with
even a casual interest in the area. We wish to share ideas, look for
common ground, and encourage more activity. We also hope to legitimize
work in the field and facilitate potential collaboration among the


Deadline for early registration: 22 August 2013


This is the registration site for ICFP 2013 and all the affiliated
workshops including FARM 2013.

Accepted papers and demonstrations

-   Samuel Aaron and Alan F. Blackwell. From Sonic Pi to Overtone:
    Creative Musical Experiences with Domain-Specific and Functional
-   Henrik Bäärnhielm, Mikael Vejdemo-Johansson and Daniel Sundström.
    Using Haskell as DSL for controlling immersive media experiences
-   Guillaume Baudart, Louis Mandel and Marc Pouzet. Programming Mixed
    Music in ReactiveML
-   Jean Bresson, Raphael Foulon and Marco Stroppa. Reduction as a
    Transition Controller for Sound Synthesis Events
-   Kelsey D'Souza. PySTEMM - A STEM Learning Tool for Exploring and
    Building Executable Concept Models (Demo)
-   Andy Gill and Brent A. Yorgey. Functional active animation (Demo)
-   Jason Hemann and Eric Holk. Visualizing the Turing Tarpit
-   Paul Hudak. Euterpea: From Signals to Symphonies (Demo)
-   David Janin, Florent Berthaut, Myriam Desainte-Catherine, Yann
    Orlarey and Sylvain Salvati. The T-Calculus : towards a structured
    programing of (musical) time and space
-   David Janin and Florent Berthaut. LiveTuiles for tiled composition
    of audio patterns (Demo)
-   Thomas Jordan. Spontaneous Musical Explorations of Visible Symmetric
    Structures (Demo)
-   Hendrik Vincent Koops, José Pedro Magalhães and W. Bas de Haas. A
    Functional Approach To Automatic Melody Harmonisation
-   José Pedro Magalhães, Bas De Haas, Gijs Bekenkamp, Dion ten Heggeler
    and Tijmen Ruizendaal. Chordify: Chord Transcription for the Masses
-   Donya Quick and Paul Hudak. Grammar-Based Automated Music
    Composition in Haskell
-   Chung‐chieh Shan and Dylan Thurston. Braiding in circles (Demo)

Workshop Organization

Workshop Chair: Paul Hudak
Program Chair: Conal Elliott
Publicity Chair: Brent Yorgey

Program Committee

-   Daniel Cukier (AgileAndArt)
-   Conal Elliott (Tabula) (chair)
-   Kathleen Fisher (Tufts University)
-   Richard Gabriel (IBM Research)
-   George Giorgidze (University of Tübingen)
-   Paul Hudak (Yale University)
-   José Pedro Magalhães (University of Oxford)
-   Alex McLean (University of Leeds)
-   John Peterson (Western State Colorado University)
-   Michael Sperber (Active Group)
-   Henning Thielemann (Martin-Luther-Universität Halle-Wittenberg)
-   Brent Yorgey (University of Pennsylvania)

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