[Haskell-cafe] Looking for portable Haskell or Haskell like language

Christopher Howard christopher.howard at frigidcode.com
Sat Apr 27 07:21:48 CEST 2013

Hi. I've got this work situation where I've got to do all my work on
/ancient/ RHEL5 systems, with funky software configurations, and no root
privileges. I wanted to install GHC in my local account, but the gnu
libc version is so old (2.5!) that I can't even get the binary packages
to install.

I've had success installing some other simple functional languages (like
CLISP) on these same systems, so I was wondering if there was perhaps
another language very similar to Haskell (but presumably simpler) with a
super portable compiler easily built from source, which I could try.

I'll admit -- I haven't tried the HUGS compiler for Haskell. The quick
description didn't make it sound much more portable than GHC, but I
guess I could try it if I heard some good reasons to think it would be
more portable.


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