[Haskell-cafe] Vector Fabrics is hiring!

Stefan Holdermans stefan at vectorfabrics.com
Mon Apr 8 07:30:28 CEST 2013

[Apologies for multiple postings.]

Vector Fabrics is hiring: we are looking for a top-notch programmer to
extend our program-analysis and parallelization products. You design
and implement algorithms to assist the programmer to create a parallel
design from a sequential C or C++ program. You work with our
international team of world-class computer scientists and experts in
the Haskell / OCaml functional programming languages.

Your work is at the forefront of technology, giving you the
opportunity to publish your work in major conferences and directly
cooperate with processor design companies and domain-specific
application vendors.

As we are a startup company, you will quickly have a major impact on
our products and get to know all aspects of product creation. You will
be part of a strongly committed development team and contribute to our
agile development process and automated test suites. Interested? Send
your CV, GitHub account or other proof of what you can do to
jobs at vectorfabrics.com.


* Design and implement software optimization (e.g. parallelization)
  algorithms for CPUs and GPUs;

* Thoroughly test your code, create automated test suites;

* Contribute to our agile development planning and process;

* Analyze complex customer applications for optimization opportunities
  and translate this to new analysis algorithms.


* Your friends and colleagues describe you as a "rockstar" programmer;
  your programming ability is way above average;

* Demonstrable experience in design and implementation of complex
  software applications; prior experience in functional programming
  languages is preferred;

* You continuously surprise us with your creative yet pragmatic
  solutions for complex software problems;

* You are strongly committed to deliver working software as early as

* You work against very high quality standards. Refactoring is your
  bread and butter, pair-programming is how you prefer to review your

* Whatever technologies, languages, or development environments
  you've been using, we expect you have mastered them in depth, and we
  expect that you will be able to master any technology, language, or
  development environment that we need in the future;

* You are not afraid to get your hands dirty on low-level code, hijack
  a malloc() call in the standard C library, port the latest gdb
  debugger to Android on a jail-broken tablet? You get it done.

* Excellent command of written and spoken English.


MSc, MEng or PhD in Computer Science or significant relevant


Vector Fabrics is a high-tech software company, developing tools for
embedded multicore programming. Its technology and expertise is
getting widespread recognition in the industry as being innovative and
unique in their ability to address heterogeneous multicore
application-specific silicon platforms. Due to the advanced nature of
its tools, Vector Fabrics operates at the forefront of the next
generation of embedded platforms for diverse markets ranging from
supercomputers to automotive to cell phones.

Vector Fabrics puts absolute priority on hiring top class individuals
in key positions. Vector Fabrics’ team profile is exceptional and its
ambition is to hire only individuals that match or surpass that
profile. The company pays top salary and offers a challenging,
engaging and stimulating work environment with a high degree of

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