[Haskell-cafe] llvm- installation on Mac

Luke Evans luke at eversosoft.com
Mon Apr 8 06:10:47 CEST 2013

Ah, I see GHC bug #5982, which smells awfully similar.

The bug suggests a fix along the lines of:

install_name_tool /usr/local/lib/ghc-7.4.1/libHSrts-ghc7.4.1.dylib -change

Presumably this is still an issue in the 7.4.2 build I have installed from Haskell Platform.

Unfortunately, it looks like my cabal build failure occurs in a temporary and very short-lived directory.  So presumably the dodgy FFI gets copied into there from elsewhere.  I wonder if I can find the source...

On 2013-04-07, at 8:39 PM, Luke Evans <luke at eversosoft.com> wrote:

> My cabal-fu is extremely weak, so I'll plug on and see if I can figure out how cabal's analysis/build might be going wrong here.
> I'd be very grateful for any clues though!
> -- Luke

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