[Haskell-cafe] GHC 6.13 and GHC 7.6 in parallel on Linux

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Thu Sep 27 18:02:33 CEST 2012

Hello to everyone,

First of all sorry if my question posted to this list is maybe OFF TOPIC.
Myself is using Haskell from time to time on WIN XP and OpenSuse system.
So far without a problem using RWH book as reference and 6.12 version with a lot
of modules installed via cabal.
Also a Hugs install from source on my OpenSuse system only caused minor
problems.setting a symlink solved the minor problem.
But what surprised me totally was that Hugs/Cabal and (or ) GHC are using shared
libraries and Hugs install interfered with cabal/ghc.
I thought that both systems are totally independent from each other.Hugs a
Haskell code interpreter GHV a Haskell code compiler.

But now my question :

How is it possible to run 2 different versions of GHC on the same computer ( OS
, in my case OpenSuse  6.1x and hopefully 7.6 )

Any search for "running GHC versions in parallel only  returned results for the
DPH extensions wiki  but not how to run two GHC versions on the same OS.



So any feedback welcome

Rgds Gottfried
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