[Haskell-cafe] Getting started with Shake

Richard Wallace rwallace at thewallacepack.net
Sun Sep 23 19:43:45 CEST 2012

Hey all,

I'm going to be working on a webapp in Haskell in the upcoming months
and am thinking Shake would be a good fit - I'll need to do js, css,
and probably some graphics processing as part of the build and would
like to use Shake to automate deployment.

I'm not entirely sure how to get started with Shake.  I've used to
make, jam, maven, sbt and other build tools in the past.  All of these
keep a build configuration in the project and use that to build the
project.  In sbt, which is most like Shake, the build configuration is
written in Scala and compiled by sbt when you run the build.  The
result of the compilation is saved and reused unless it detects that
the build source files changed.

With shake I'm not sure exactly how to get started.  Should I have a
separate project where I create the build system for the webapp?  Or
can I setup something similar to sbt?

Also, how do I handle dependencies with shake?  cabal will pull in
packages from hackage and do the needful, is there anything in shake
to do the same?  If not, how is it normally done?


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