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On Fri, Sep 14, 2012 at 2:18 PM, Andrew Pennebaker <
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> A summary of the changes I've included so far:
> Noted and reflected... I'm trying to convey to an audience largely
> composed of Java and C++ fanatics how Haskell records are much better than
> OOP, how GADTs are more intuitive, robust, ... OOP doesn't even compare!
> That's what I'm trying to get across in that bit. And it's hard to do this
> in just a few sentences, especially when the reader isn't even familiar
> with GADTs in the first place.

But, Haskell records aren't better than OOP.

I am not trying to be controversial here -- Haskell records would
"naturally" implement prototype-based OOP, like JavaScript uses, if they
(Haskell records) weren't so useless.  This is basically why "lenses" were
designed (i.e., to make consistent syntax for getters and setters)
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