[Haskell-cafe] The Architecture of the Mighttpd High-Speed Web Server

Kazu Yamamoto ( 山本和彦 ) kazu at iij.ad.jp
Tue Sep 11 05:27:29 CEST 2012

Hello from Copenhagen,

In last may, I wrote an article about Mighttpd in Japanese because a
PR staff of IIJ asked me to do so. Since this article got popular in
Japan, the PR staff decided to translate it into English. The English
version is now open to the public:


# Mighttpd is based on Yesod's Warp but I did touch it to make the
# article simple.

I guess that we can use this article to explain why Haskell is suitable
for network programming to other programming language communities.

FYI, the original Japanese article can be found:




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