[Haskell-cafe] JavaScript (SpiderMonkey, V8, etc) embedded in GHC?

Bob Hutchison hutch-lists at recursive.ca
Sat Sep 8 21:08:06 CEST 2012


I've looked around with no success… this surprises me actually. Has anyone embedded SpiderMonkey, V8, or any other relatively decent JavaScript interpreters in GHC (using the FFI)?

I did find http://justinethier.github.com/husk-scheme/ which is a scheme R5RS implementation (I could make this work). There's also some work done embedding Lua. I also found a number of packages that compile javascript to Haskell, or the other way around, but I don't need that kind of thing.

All I really need is to allow users to write some JavaScript that accepts a single JSON 'file/string' from my Haskell program and produces another JSON 'file/string' that my Haskell program will accept.


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