[Haskell-cafe] Over general types are too easy to make.

Tim Docker tim at dockerz.net
Sun Sep 2 14:03:36 CEST 2012

On 02/09/12 20:35, timothyhobbs at seznam.cz wrote:
> It seems to be a probability approaching law, that I run into this for 
> a given multi-constructor type. Regardless of it's purpose.

Maybe your large multi-constructor types are too monolithic? Again it's 
hard to know given a fabricated example, but I would have been satisfied 
with something like:

   data Foo = Foo {...}
   data Bar = Bar {...}
   data Frog = Frog {...}

   data LargeUnion = UFoo Foo
                  | UBar Bar
                  | UFrog Frog

   case largeUnion of
       (UFoo foo) -> processFoo foo
       (UBar bar) -> processBar bar
       (UFrog frog) -> processFrog frog

But I think from your original mail, you find this ugly in some way?


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