[Haskell-cafe] London Haskell User Group is back

Derek Wright derek at obvious.co.uk
Thu Oct 11 22:49:39 CEST 2012

[Sorry if you have already seen / heard this already, this really is the 
last announcement...]

After 3 years away the London Haskell User Group is back. Our first 
meeting is in a couple of weeks.

Wednesday 24-Oct-2012 6-30pm

City University, College Building, St John Street, London. EC1V 4PB


Why Do Monads Matter?

Speaker: Derek Wright

A quick tour through the why rather than the how of monads. Trying to 
give an intuition about why these concepts matter in the first place.

 From The Four Horsemen of the Catapocalypse (Failure, Dependence, 
Uncertainty and Destruction) through Kleisli arrows and ending up with 
monads and categorical programming. See why these abstract concepts 
should be part of every Haskell programmers toolkit.

Join us for the first talk of London Haskell 2.0, then participate in a 
discussion about the future meetings and shape the vision!

We are using Meetup to organise everything and the main page for London 
Haskell is:


There has already been a lot interest and 35 (out of a possible 40) have 
signed up already!

Hope to see you there.

Yours, Derek.

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