[Haskell-cafe] Image processing using Repa

Janek S. fremenzone at poczta.onet.pl
Wed Oct 10 13:54:03 CEST 2012

I'm playing a bit with Repa library and its DevIL bindings. I tried to modify one of the examples 
from tutorial on HaskellWiki. I want to load an image, rotate it and save it to disk. I managed 
to write something like this:

import Foreign.Ptr
import System.Environment
import Data.Array.Repa as R hiding ((++))
import qualified Data.Array.Repa.Repr.ForeignPtr as RFP
import Data.Array.Repa.IO.DevIL

main = do
    [f] <- getArgs
    (RGB v) <- runIL $ readImage f
    RFP.computeIntoP (RFP.toForeignPtr v) (rot180 v)
    runIL $ writeImage ("flip-"++f) (RGB v)
    return ()

rot180 g = backpermute e flop g
        e@(Z :. x :. y :. _)   = extent g
        flop (Z :. i         :. j         :. k) =
             (Z :. x - i - 1 :. y - j - 1 :. k)

This is obviously wrong, because the foreign pointer used as a data source is at the same time 
used as destination, so the data gets overwritten before it is used. Does this mean that I have 
to allocate foreign memory buffers on my own? If so, than it feels kind of painfull to go through 
the hassle of allocating foreign pointers, converting between many different representations and 
so on. Am I doing something wrong and if not is there a more painless way of working with images 
and repa in Haskell?


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