[Haskell-cafe] local type denotation

Serge D. Mechveliani mechvel at botik.ru
Wed Nov 14 13:03:57 CET 2012

how to correctly set an explicit type for a local value in the body of 
a polymorphic function?

Example (tested under  ghc-7.6.1):

  data D a = D1 a | D2 a (a -> a)

  f :: Eq a => D a -> a
  f (D1 x)   = x
  f (D2 x g) = let -- y :: Eq a => a
                   y = g x
               in  if x == y then x else g y
  main = putStr $ shows (f (D2 (1 :: Int) succ)) "\n"

This is compiled by    ghc --make Main

Now I need, for a certain reason, to explicitly set the type for  y  in 
`let',  with the meaning: 
"this very `a' which is in the signature for  f"
(and I think that this type Haskell assignes to  y  in  "y = g x").

I need to declare this type in a separate line:  y :: <what ever it is>.

Both  `y :: a'  and  `y :: Eq a => a'  are not compiled.

Please, copy the answer to  mechvel at botik.ru



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