[Haskell-cafe] Reminder and Forward: Wednesday 14 November 2012 NYHUG Inaugural Meetup: Ozgun Ataman on Practical Data Processing and Gershom Bazerman on Putting Cloud Haskell to Work

Jay Sulzberger jays at panix.com
Mon Nov 12 23:26:39 CET 2012

Below is a version of the announcement sent to the haskell-cafe
and the haskell mailing lists by Gershom Bazerman on 9 October 2012.


   what="official New York Haskell Users Group announcement"

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  Subject: Wednesday 14 November, NY Haskell Inaugural Meetup: Practical Data Processing _and_ Putting Cloud Haskell to Work
  Date: 	Fri, 12 Oct 2012 18:05:02 -0400
  From: 	Gershom B <gershomb at gmail.com>
  To: 	lisp at lispnyc.org

  What:   New York Haskell Users Group Meeting
  When:  Wednesday, November 14, 2012
               7 PM - 9 PM
  Where: Pivotal Labs, 841 Broadway, 8th floor
                (Just south of Union Square)

  RSVP:   http://www.meetup.com/NY-Haskell/

  * 7 PM - Practical Data Processing With Haskell

  * 8 PM - Putting Cloud Haskell to Work for Distributed Computing


  7 PM - Practical Data Processing With Haskell:
  Ozgun Ataman will give an introductory talk on Haskell, diving right
  in with how you can start using Haskell for practical data
  manipulation tasks today. You'll be introduced to a typical setup for
  Haskell development and given a demonstration of how a common data
  format (CSV, JSON, etc.) can be parsed, processed and finally output
  using Haskell. The talk will include a small actual Haskell program to
  be modified live and some commentary around using Haskell in practical

  8 PM - Putting Cloud Haskell to Work for Distributed Computing:
  Gershom Bazerman will give an overview of the new distributed-process
  library that implements Cloud Haskell, providing computation across
  heterogeneous nodes through a message passing interface. He will
  discuss what this new tool provides out of the box, and what you'll
  have to bring to the table. The talk will include some code samples
  using the new library, as well as some experience about what it's like
  to use Haskell for distributed computing in the real world.

  Speaker Biographies: Ozgun Ataman is the founder of Soostone, a
  management consulting and analytics company built on Haskell. He is
  the author of many open-source Haskell libraries, and is a contributor
  to the Snap web framework. Gershom Bazerman is a developer at S&P
  Capital IQ. He is most well known in the Haskell community as the
  author of the JMacro library for programmatic generation of
  JavaScript, and for one well-received April fools joke.


  We're kicking off the New York Haskell Users Group with two great
  talks, one for people just getting started and one for those with some
  experience already. Both should be accessible and enjoyable no matter
  how much (or little) you already know. Food and refreshments will be
  provided, courtesy of the generosity of Pivotal Labs, and after the
  talks, we're planning to keep the discussion going over food and drink
  at a nearby establishment.


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Jay Sulzberger <secretary at lxny.org>
Corresponding Secretary LXNY
LXNY is New York's Free Computing Organization.

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