[Haskell-cafe] [repa] beginner questions

Dmitry Malikov malikov.d.y at gmail.com
Sun Nov 11 00:01:48 CET 2012

Playing around with repa arrays and got some questions.

1) How I can get list of indexes of array that suffice some predicate?

     > a1
     AUnboxed (Z :. 3) (fromList [False,False,True])
     it :: Array U (Z :. Int) Bool

Indexes of element that satisfying specific predicate could be obtained 
like that:

     > (\a p → Data.List.map (subtract 1 . snd) $ filter (p . fst) $ zip 
(toList a) [1..]) a1 (== False)

Looks ugly. How REPA users used to do filtering like that without 
converting to list?

2) How can I apply some function `f' to each row of 2D array `a' and 
collect results in single value?

     f ∷ (Shape sh, Source r Bool) ⇒ Array r sh Bool → Bool
     f a = (== toList a) $
           foldl1 (Prelude.zipWith (||)) $
           Prelude.map toList $
           foldl (\l k -> filter (\x -> x ! (Z :. k) == False) l) 
[b1,b2,b3,b4] $
           findWhich (== False) a

     and ∷ [Bool] → Bool

     [a1,a2] :: [Array U (Z :. Int) Bool]

Having all that I could find what I want like that:

     and $ map f [a1,a2]
     > True

All going on ridiculous and ugly because:

- 2D arrays are not 2D arrays but lists of 1D arrays

     b1,b2,b3,b4,a1,a2 ∷ Array U (Z :. Int) Bool
     b1 = fromListUnboxed (Z :. (3::Int)) [False, True, False]
     b2 = fromListUnboxed (Z :. (3::Int)) [False, False, False]
     b3 = fromListUnboxed (Z :. (3::Int)) [False, False, True]
     b4 = fromListUnboxed (Z :. (3::Int)) [True, False, False]

     a1 = fromListUnboxed (Z :. (3::Int)) [False, False, True]
     a2 = fromListUnboxed (Z :. (3::Int)) [True, True, True]

How 2D array could be split to list of 1D arrays?

- redundant usage of `toList'; all operations are list-specified. How 
`f' could be rewritten in REPA terms?

Best regards,
dmitry malikov

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