[Haskell-cafe] GHC for mobile devices?

Casey Basichis caseybasichis at gmail.com
Sat Nov 10 15:21:54 CET 2012

I've been looking for the last two days through every nook and cranny of
google to find information about building for iOS.  It seems to be the case
that it was once possible to get ios running and now its a bit
questionable.  I've tried ghc-ios, ghc-iphone and a few others which are
all somewhat out of date.

If anyone has any experience on that platform I would greatly appreciate
some guidance in getting it up and running.

As for you notion of "hard truth," and "dumb apps acting as web front ends"
its pretty blase to assume that anyone interested in this thread will share
that perspective in terms of their own goals on these platforms.  I compose
professionally on my phone, its certainly not a toy for my purposes.  I
also have no interest whatsoever in getting Cocoa commands into Haskell. I
just want a functional way of working with data.

I would greatly prefer to go the Haskell route, but  have been considering
OCaml as well as they seem to have an active and enthused interest in iOS.
 I would love a bit of perspective on whether OCaml would be worth pursing
in the long run for the short term benefit of having a more mature mobile


>Yes, I've seen some of the work done on this and I think he's also
>looked into OCaml on Android.
>To be completely honest it's not really the language that's such the
>barrier: the hard truth is that any Android app doing anything of
>interest is necessarily going to be using the Android framework.
>Android programming (at least, presubaly iOS too) is not a lot of
>advanced construction, it's mostly dumb apps acting as web frontends,
>I'd posit that this is probably why people have been mostly content
>with the Android API for so long anyway.
>So the main barrier is being able to interface with the Java side of
>things (obviously) in a way that doesn't completely kill perf either
>(this sounds nontrivial...).  Then you need to give a sane
>reimplementation of the Android API within Haskell.

Casey James Basichis
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