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Clark Gaebel cgaebel at uwaterloo.ca
Wed Nov 7 14:33:04 CET 2012

Your first link says that any library in the Haskell Platform must be
supported on all operating systems and compilers supported by the Haskell

Right now, the platform only supports GHC, and on Windows, Linux, and Mac.
This change does not break any of those. I say this because if someone
tries to file a ticket for the haskell platform saying it doesn't work on
Hugs (for example), that ticket will be immediately closed as WontFix.

The second link you mentioned was for GHC core libraries. I'm not sure
about Johan's intentions, but I wouldn't expect Hashable to become a core

As for the difference between deepseq and Hashable - there's very little as
far as I know, except for different maintainers. Johan has expressed
interest in getting the changes merged, so I prepared a pull request for

When I say "encouraging other packages not be to portable", you were
absolutely right in your assumption that I meant that a package depending
on Hashasble will more likely be non-portable because of the conditional
API. Sorry that I wasn't clear on that. And the portability requirement
didn't even seem like a hard rule. It just looked like it was trying to say
that good code tends to be portable. I'm not sure if the author intended to
say that *all* good code is portable.

  - Clark
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