[Haskell-cafe] Requesting Feedback: I Love Haskell, but can't find a place to use it

Jonathan Geddes geddes.jonathan at gmail.com
Thu May 31 02:30:28 CEST 2012

I love Haskell. It is my absolute favorite language. But I have a very hard
time finding places where I can actually use it!

I had hoped that compiling Haskell to C with -fvia-C (or would it be just
-C?) would allow Haskell to run in new, uncharted territory such as Android
(with NDK), IOS, Google's NaCl, etc. But today I learned that GHC's C
backend has been deprecated!  Is it more difficult than I am imagining to
get Haskell to work in these environments? Is it simply a matter of low
interest in this kind of work? Or something more fundamental? Am I missing

I'm hoping that the Haskell->JavaScript efforts will mature enough to make
Haskell viable for client-side web apps. (I think the first sign of this
will be a self-hosting Haskell->JavaScript compiler.)

I use Haskell for Server-Side code with various web frameworks, but over
the years more and more of the app logic is moved into client-side
JavaScript, leaving the server-side code as little more than a simple
validation and security layer over the database and other services. Haskell
doesn't have any trouble with this, of course, but it's not exactly a role
where it can shine. (Of course this is not true of ALL server-side code,
just the kind of apps I have been writing.)

So anyway I'd like to request feedback: where can I use Haskell besides
simple CLI utilities, dull server code, or project Euler problems? Even if
it's just to contribute to getting Haskell in the environments mentioned
above, any feedback is welcome!

Thanks for reading,

--J Arthur
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