[Haskell-cafe] What is the difference between runhaskell and compile?

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I have been using LDAP with GHC without a problem – I get this error often but the problems have been with the configuration of the OpenLDAP client library or the OpenLDAP server. 
We are all taking about LDAP-0.6.6? Which version of GHC are we talking about? (I don’t think I have tested this on GHC-7.4.1, and maybe the others haven’t either.)
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Hi there,
 The code could not be simpler. Just ldapInit, ldapSimpleBind.
 I just found that the code works with ghci, too. So to sum up,
ghci/runhaskell works, ghc not.
A possibility that occurs to me:  does it by any chance work with ghc -threaded?  Perhaps the issue relates to the different behavior of the threaded runtime (which is used automatically by ghci/runghc).
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