[Haskell-cafe] cool tools

Chris Dornan chris at chrisdornan.com
Thu May 17 16:05:22 CEST 2012

I have been playing around with the latest cabal-install (0.14.0) and it is
working really nicely. Having unpacked a cabal bundle you can now type
'cabal install' inside the root and it will work everything out as if you
had asked to install directly from the repo -- very nice.

I have also noticed that GHC is suggesting alternatives when it encounters
missing identifiers. This gives a strong sense of helpfulness that I think
accurately reflects the long and sustained (decades-long) effort that has
gone into making the GHC diagnostics as useful as possible.

The tools are so good because the developers have been paying attention to
the gripes. 

But we should sometimes say thank you too... it is much appreciated.


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