[Haskell-cafe] ANNOUNCE: haskell-src-exts 1.13.3

Niklas Broberg niklas.broberg at gmail.com
Thu May 10 21:21:18 CEST 2012

Fellow Haskelleers,

I'm pleased to announce the release of haskell-src-exts-1.13.3!

* On hackage: http://hackage.haskell.org/package/haskell-src-exts
 * Via cabal: cabal install haskell-src-exts
* Darcs repo: http://code.haskell.org/haskell-src-exts

This release attempts to fix a bunch of long-standing (and a few new) bugs,
while still avoiding a new major version bump.


1.13.2 --> 1.13.3

* Fundep premises are now allowed to be empty.

* Fix the bug where the lexer would crash on a LINE pragma
  that did not include a line number.

* Fix the bug where the lexer would require the # of a
  MagicHash-style type constructor to be succeeded by at
  least one character in the file.

* Fix really long-standing bug where the parser would crash with
  an ugly "Internal error" error message if encountering
  an extra }.

* Report errors at the right place for function arity
  mismatches. Earlier they were reported at end of file,
  now they are reported where the function is declared.

* Lexer now properly fails on line-breaks in string literals.

* Lexer now handles character escapes up to 0x10FFFF (unicode).


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