[Haskell-cafe] Learn you

Kazu Yamamoto ( 山本和彦 ) kazu at iij.ad.jp
Thu May 3 14:46:38 CEST 2012


> I think the Japanese title is in a similar spirit as the original one.
> Breaking it down:
> Sugoi Haskell tanoshiku manabou!
> sugoi - "awesome" (rather colloquial)
> tanoshiku - "while having fun"
> manabou - "let's learn"

Yes, exactly.

"Sugoi" is a frank word which we cannot use in thesis.

> In formal grammar it should be "Sugoi Haskell tanoshiku WO manabou!" -
> this WO is a particle identifying the object and this omission is
> normal in colloquial, spoken Japanese.

"Sugoi Haskell tanoshiku manabou!" is perfect Japanese. If we want to
add "WO", it should be "Sugoi Haskell WO tanoshiku manabou!".  This
is good Japanese for writing but I think many Japanese including me
speak without "WO".

> How does the Japanese title sound to native speakers? I'm curious myself :)

It sounds cute as if a little boy or girl is speaking. If we add "WO",
it breaks the good rhythm.

The translators and me knew the original title is not proper English. 
So, we decided to translate it freely while maintaining its tone.


The translated book is No 1 sale in technical books on Amazon in Japan
in this week. :-)


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