[Haskell-cafe] Un-memoization

Victor Miller victorsmiller at gmail.com
Thu Mar 22 02:55:44 CET 2012

I was writing a Haskell program which builds a large labeled binary tree
and then does some processing of it, which is fold-like.  In the actual
application that I have in mind the tree will be *huge*.  If the whole tree
is kept in memory it would probably take up 100's of gigabytes.  Because of
the pattern of processing the tree, it occurred to me that it might be
better (cause much less paging) if some large subtrees could be replaced by
thunks which can either recalculate the subtree as needed, or write out the
subtree, get rid of the references to it (so it can be garbage collected)
and then read back in (perhaps in pieces) as needed.  This could be fairly
cleanly expressed monadically.  So does anyone know if someone has created
something like this?

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