[Haskell-cafe] Theoretical question: are side effects necessary?

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> If you're asking about performance, as in "is there a problem that can
> be solved in O(f(n)) time in Java but not in Haskell-sans-IO-and-ST?",
> then it becomes a harder question.  I'm not sure what the answer is.
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an interesting question emerges:  even though i may be able to implement an
algorithm with O(f(n)) in Haskell, and write a program that is O(g(n)) <
O(f(n)) in C++ or Java...  could Haskell be said to be more efficient if
time spent programming / maintaining Haskell is << C++ or Java??  i'm still
trying to learn Haskell, but it seems to me to be *much* less verbose than
C and it's derivatives, and while jumping through monads just to print to a
screen or write a file seems a small expence to pay to be able to express
what you want easier...


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