[Haskell-cafe] HXT: how to get sibling element

Никитин Лев leon.v.nikitin at pravmail.ru
Thu Mar 15 14:19:32 CET 2012

Oh, yes!
In this situation with so poor structured source I can try to use tagsoup. (or I'll take a look at xml-conduit).

Nevertheless  for better undestanding HXT it will be interesting to solve this problem in HXT. Or is it impossible?

15.03.2012, 20:08, "Asten, W.G.G. van (Wilfried, Student B-TI)" <w.g.g.vanasten at student.utwente.nl>:
> You might want to check out the xml-conduit package. It has preceding
> and following sibling Axis. I am not sure how the package works
> exactly, but it seems to be a good starting point.
> 2012/3/15 Никитин Лев <leon.v.nikitin at pravmail.ru>:
>>  I absolutly agree with you but unfortunetly, it is not my xml file.
>>  It is extraction from html page of public web server. I cannot to change
>>  format of this html page.
>>  Sorry. I had to explain it  in first letter.
>>  But than what about to get sibling text (geting sibling is an separate
>>  interesting tasks with no matter for my contrete case).
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