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On Thu, Mar 15, 2012 at 6:53 AM, Christopher Done
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> On 15 March 2012 06:53, Clint Moore <clint at ivy.io> wrote:
> > We're closing in on a month since this post.  Did everyone decide to
> > do their own thing, do nothing, or ?
> Ah, I'd been traveling after posting this and then settling back in
> work, this remains on my TODO list in my organizer. I have no plans
> laid out, it's something I've wanted for some time and this post is
> the “Hey guys what if?”
> We should continue—my time zone is UTC+1, I am usually free within
> 19-23:00 with varying degrees of freeness. Friday and the rest of the
> weekend is better. We could try out G+ hangout and or I can setup a
> Mumble on hpaste.org. These are good for group chats, and if the
> quality isn't too great we can each record locally also and
> synchronize the audio later.
> Anyway, must dash.
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hmm... UTC-5 here ( -4 right now with DST... or whatever excuse it is to
deprive me of an hour of sleep!)  fridays & the weekend are good for me
too.  i work til 18:00 on fri & 16:00 on sat...  also, google hangouts
would (should) work for me.  i know skype is *really* flaky, but the google
video chat has been pretty ok.

lets hope my newbishness dosn't turn anybody off :P

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